Community & City of Frederika

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Community Highlights:

Fireman's Meeting:

        First Tuesday of each month @ 7:30 pm

Senior Citizens:

        First and Third Thursday of each month @ 12:00 pm


City of Frederika:*

City Contact Information

Email :




Phone number

Duane Meihost



Joyce Bergmann

City Council


Elaine Johnson

City Council


Jody Meyer

City Council


Tamara Rosol

City Council


Neil Whitney

City Council  Mayor Pro Tem


Lucinda Asmus

City Clerk/Treasurer 


Sylvian Mutschler

Building Official


Kirk Meyer

Sanitary Sewer Superintendent 


Kyle Kirchoff Fire Chief



Meeting Schedule Info

  • Third Wednesday of each month @ 6:30 pm, Frederika Community Building

City Information

Download the following documents: 

Ordinances Passed 

  • The City Council may pass Ordinances that update various chapters/sections of the City Code.  The City Code is periodically updated to incorporate these Ordinance changes and may not be reflected in the document downloaded above.  Please check with the City Clerk to see if there are Ordinances of interest that have not been incorporated into the City Code document.


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